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    Bowser Limo Pet Sitting Service



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Dog walks
   $20 for one dog walked alone in Danbury. $25 for up to three dogs.  Walk with the pack in your neighborhood. Balanced time spent in reward based reinforcement, meals & meds, hygiene, social and play opportunities, head to toe exam, fresh water and a treat.
  Car ride for play dates, multiple leash walks and social interaction with other dogs. Fresh water provided before and after walks, head to toe checks, brushing and treats. 
                      All day one dog;$35
                                two dogs; $40
                                Three dogs; $50
  Pets remain in the calm, safety and comfort of their own home.
  I am a certified professional pet sitter, insured and bonded, certified veterinary technician who can stay overnight in your home. Price includes mid day walks for dogs, social interaction and play time for cats and other pets. Medication, cooking special meals, head to toe checks, watering plants, daily reports to your email as requested. 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. $80. All fees are negotiable. Discounts available for vets, rescues, seniors, animal welfare volunteers.
Cat Care
  Visits include fresh, clean food and water, litter box cleaning, reports on well being,cuddles and massages, nail trims when possible, brushing, play and low stress medication. Twice a day $35. Once a day $25. Rescue discounts available