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1. Bowser Limo Pet Sitting Service aims to be a compassionate business. We help the Danbury community by providing medical care, fresh food and water to local homeless pets. At Bowser Limo Pet Sitting, we believe a  healthy society reaches out to assist those who are less well off.

2. A compassionate business assists homeless pets and disadvantaged owners with basic care for their beloved furry family members no matter what the costs. Our first priority is for the pets well being. Veterans, senior and rescue discounts available. Please discuss pet sitting fees at your initial interview.

3. We foster the human animal bond with encouragement, education and support to pet owners and their furry family members.

4.  Every living thing deserves to be free from pain and fear, no matter what its economic status.

5. We aim to return profits to assisting animals live calm and healthy lives. 
   At least ten percent of our pet sitting gross receipts goes to helping local, less fortunate pets. In 2013, we trapped, neutered and returned 10 adult cats for a local senior citizen. In addition, three litters of kittens from this colony obtained deworming, sterilization, vaccines, FIV/FeLV tests and were adopted to caring families.

6. We aim to improve the quality of life for pets and pet owners with support, education, dignity and professionalism.

  Bowser Limo Pet Sitting provided the funds to obtain neuter, vaccines and ongoing care for this colony of feral cats. During the years of this colony's management, pregnant queens have been trapped, fostered and their kittens adopted into responsible homes. Because of this feral cat colony's existence, lost cats that have shown up to feed were trapped and reunited with their owners.
   These two humane cat traps contain feral cats #9 & #10 from a free roaming colony in Danbury, CT. Pet Sitting fees from Bowser Limo Pet Sitting Service sponsored the trap, transportation to H.O.P.E. spay/neuter clinic, sterilization and vaccination for 10 homeless cats and five kittens from this site. We also donate food to this caretaker when possible.

Did you know over 30% of pets abandoned to animal shelters come from a deceased or incapacitated owner? Don't let your furry baby wind up in a shelter when you become ill. Include your pets in your estate planning.
  Attorney Jamie Spannhake is great at answering any questions regarding the set up of a pet trust and pet guardianship. Click to contact Attorney Spannhake at;