Cats in feral colonies  have a social structure. They interact with each other, butt heads, twine upright (99) tails, meow greetings, share sheltered spaces and food resources. Social interaction, mental stimulation and touch are as necessary to our feline friends as air , water and food . You know how much your purr buddy loves your touch and voice. Our pet sitting visits with kitties includes play ,conversation, massages and chin rubs. 

            We are trained  and experienced with feline health issues including diabetes, hyperthyroidism, cardiomyopathy, chronic herpes, urinary tract disorders, irritable bowel disease, food allergies and behavior challenges. 

           Cat lovers know their pets require stress free interactions, so we provide gentle medicating techniques. Some of our  felines so look forward to their pilling routine, they wait under the kitchen chair for their cuddle and treat! 
            I have had cats so relaxed that they fall asleep in my lap during a nail trim.

          Cats are sensitive to certain cleaning products. We use  pet safe cleansers to keep litter box and feeding areas kitty perfect.

        Kitties can be too curious. If the home contains plants or dangerous conditions
we will  call your attention to the possible cat hazard. An excellent resource for cat owners is the A.S.P.C.A. Animal Poison Control website. There you will discover lists of plants and cleaning products that may harm your little queen and prince.

  This pet sitting service utilizes your pet care fees to help stabilize and manage the free roaming cat population in Danbury, CT. I am certified in trap, neuter and return by Neighborhood Cats.