Thank you for your continued business!
 The Pup Scout pack has got your back!

  In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic my pet sitting business continues to offer advanced, in your home pet care and exercise.

  Thank you first responders! In gratitude for pet parents who work long days helping our community stay healthy, discounted pet care services are available.

  You might have a full day working at home but your the pupsters need a play date with their friends. Or a refreshing scout adventure in the park.

  Poop patrol, combing, brushing, nail trims and easy peasy medication techniques are still available.

  Kitties can still enjoy playing games, combing nail trims and benefit from a litter box scrub down.

  Shopping runs, pet supplies, transport for the wee furry ones to and from the veterinary clinic for a curbside check in is available. 

Or email me at for a pet care review form. Virtual interviews available. 

  Awesome at home pet care by a certified vet tech, Pet Sitters International Certified Professional Pet Sitter, insured, bonded pet enthusiast.
 Great references from the world's best clients.

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For more information on professional pet sitters and the requirements to becaome a certified professional pet sitter visit;

 Bowser Limo Pet Sitting Service provides advanced pet care in Danbury, Bethel and Redding, Connecticut.