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* Remove shoes before entering the home. Limit indoor spaces occupied, maintain 10' distances during conversations indoors if unavoidable. Whenever possible, person to person conversations should be held outdoors or via computer or cell phone.

* n95 face masks worn if I have to be indoors. I have lighter face masks handy for outdoor encounters with other people.

*My own dedicated leash is provided for your pups which are washed daily.

* Paws wiped with dilute, safe sanitizer & fresh water rinse after walks and again before entering your home.

* Dogs kept 6' plus away from other dogs on the trails. No nose to nose greetings with strange pups. We avoid popular hiking areas.

* Wash hands and sterilize gloves before and after handling pets.

* Use Center for Disease Control recommended sanitation techniques. (www.cdc.gov/COVID-19)

* Wear gloves while handling, massaging, grooming pets.

* Wipe down touched surfaces such as door handles, cage latches, light switches, pens, faucets with 
   Center for Disease Control (C.D.C.) recommended sanitizers.

* Wash and thoroughly rinse pet food toys, bowls and water dishes.

*Daily launder leashes, harnesses, towels.

* Communicate with the pet parents as whether any of us has come into contact with somebody who is symptomatic or COVID-19 positive. 

* Maintain 6-10' distance between human clients as advised by the Center for Disease Control.

* Re evaluate pet care sanitation protocols regularly.

* Pet owners with Bowser Limo Pet Sitting pet care agreements may utilize the information on our written instructions and consent forms to inform back up caretakers in the event you are incapacitated by COVID19. It is recommended that you have a water proof To-Go box with at least one month's supply of pet food, pet medications , treats, my written pet care agreement for feeding amounts, schedules, medications, contact phone numbers etc. I recommend at least one main contact back up for your pet. Give that individual access to your home and the pet care agreement, list of phone numbers and where the "To GO" box is kept.
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COVID-19 Precautions; How I keep you and your pet safe.